Our proprietary PEG derivatization methodology produces monoactivated PEGs of unmatched quality and purity.
QuiaPEG offers out-licensing and collaboration opportunities.
QuiaPEG develops improved versions of clinically validated drugs.


QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB is an emerging biotech company developing biopharmaceuticals based on a proprietary, cutting-edge PEGylation technology platform.

The company´s technology is applicable on proteins, peptides and small molecules and offers a unique half-life extension platform consisting of covalent as well as extended release PEGylation. The technology offers improved patient convenience, new patent lives and a substantial reduction in cost-of-goods.
QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals Holding AB

Virdings Allé 32 B
754 54 Uppsala
+46 (0) 70 693 12 53

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