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Company overview 

QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB develops proprietary, releasable PEGylation technologies (Uni-Qleaver®) for the development of prodrugs and biobetters with improved pharmacological properties, e.g. extended half-life and increased tolerability.

The release mechanism of the PEG-chain from the active drug substance can be either pH- or enzyme-dependent and allows for controlled and complete release of the active substance, with customizable release half-life ranging from hours to weeks.

QuiaPEG’s primary focus is to develop improved and patentable versions of clinically validated or already approved drugs using the Company’s technology platform. Once the drug development projects have reached a favourable balance between risk and return they will be sold or partnered out.

In addition, QuiaPEG offers licenses to companies who wish to evaluate releasable PEGylation for their own drug development projects.

In 2018 QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB signed a non-exclusive Licensing and Commercialization Agreement with Xiamen SinoPEG Biotech Ltd for the manufacturing, marketing and sales of products and services based on QuiaPEG´s Uni-Qleaver® technology. SinoPEG is headquartered in Xiamen, China, where a state-of-the-art facility provides manufacturing of PEGs and the Uni-Qleaver®.


Mission statement 

QuiaPEG is to become a leader within releasable pegylation technology by providing unique technological, cost-effective solutions to clients and new intellectual property rights, while in parallel building a pipeline of in-house drug development projects.

QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals Holding AB

Virdings Allé 32 B
754 54 Uppsala
+46 (0) 70 693 12 53

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