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Board of directors

Steen Kroyer 

Steen Kroyer has spent more than 35 years in the international health care industry in executive positions, mainly within the Astra group. He has extensive management experience from senior level country, regional and global roles, such as CEO of AstraZeneca China. Core competencies include strategy development and operational execution, organizational development and industry and government relations. In more recent years he has focused on the biotech industry and market access for new products in emerging markets such as China. Mr Kroyer is currently the Chairman of MAAB Int’l and Kroyer Consulting Ltd, both based in Hong Kong.

Mr. Marcus Bosson 

Marcus Bosson holds a MSc from Stockholm School of Economics, and has studied law at Stockholm University, Sweden. He worked at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York City for four years, became later CEO of Ryda Bruk AB and has more than 20 years of experience from the venture capital industry as well as from the biotechnology/start-up industry. He is the founder of several successful companies to which he has raised approximately MUSD 100 in venture capital. Mr. Bosson co-founded QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB in 2012.

Dr. Marek Kwiatkowski 

Marek Kwiatkowski holds a MSc from Jagiellonian University, Poland and a PhD from Uppsala University, Sweden. He has a long academic background within organic chemistry and has worked for large international companies as well as startup companies. He is co-founder of QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB and the main inventor behind the company’s technology. In addition to his engagement in QuiaPEG, Dr. Kwiatkowski serves as Associated Professor at the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Lars Linzander 

Lars Linzander holds a BSc from Stockholm University, Sweden. He has worked as auditor, financial analyst, partner and Corporate Finance Manager at Merchant Fondkommission and Matteus Fondkommission. Mr Linzander is currently active in venture capital and business development with Alga Styrinvest AB, a private investor in real estate and smaller companies, board member in Centuri AB and Soundation AB.

Dr. Christian Krog-Jensen 

Christian Krog-Jensen holds a PhD in medicinal chemistry and an MBA. He has more than 20 years of industrial life science experience from large pharmaceutical and midsize biotech companies. He has held several leadership positions and has been involved in organizational building, business and innovation development, portfolio management and BD/licensing. Dr. Krog-Jensen is currently manager at the company incubator at Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB, a board member of Kampavata AB as well as management/business coach for multiple biotech companies.

Dr. Jonas Jarvius 

Jonas Jarvius holds a PhD in molecular medicine. He has many years of experience running companies in the life science sector. He has worked at a senior level in several biotech companies. Dr Jarvius current main commitment is as CEO of Q-linea AB, a successful biotech company he founded several years ago.

Johan von Kantzow 

Johan von Kantzow holds a BSc from Pepperdine University, USA and a MBA from Institute Superieur de Gestion, France. Mr von Kantzow is currently the chairman of the board of Hans von Kantzows Stiftelse and Berth von Kantzows Stiftelse as well as a board member of Rolf Luft Foundation for Diabetes Research and Soundation AB.

QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals Holding AB

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