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Dr. Thomas Pollare 

Dr. Pollare, M.D., Ph.D. CEO Oncolution AB. Dr. Pollare has held executive positions at Kabi-Pharmacia, Schering-Plough Inc. and Pharmacia Corp. Responsible for marketing approval of several pharmaceutical products in different therapeutic areas. Previously, he was partner at 3i Plc. Member of 3i Global Healthcare Team and involved in a variety of different types of healthcare investments and spin-outs, acquisitions, trade sales and IPO’s. Dr. Pollare serves on the board of directors of Pharmaceuticals Sales & Development AB, Bio-Works Technologies AB and Cereno Scientific AB.

Mr. Marcus Bosson 

Marcus Bosson, M.Sc., SSE, has a background from the venture capital industry as well as from the biotechnology industry as a founder of several successful companies. Mr. Bosson has raised approximately MUSD 100 in venture capital to companies founded by him. Mr. Bosson is currently CEO of QuiaPEG Pharmaceuctials AB, a company he co-founded in 2012.

Dr. Marek Kwiatkowski 

Dr. Kwiatkowski currently serves as Associated Professor at the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden. Dr. Kwiatkowski completed his studies in chemistry and biophysics at the Jagiellonian University, Poland and received his Ph.D. concerning RNA chemistry at the Institute for Bioorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden, in 1984. He has worked for large international companies as well as small start-ups and most recently he worked at Department of Medical Genetics and Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at Uppsala University. Dr. Kwiatkowski is co-author of over 70 scientific papers and inventor of 28 issued patents.

Mr. Niclas Löwgren 


Niclas Löwgren, B.S. in Economics, Stockholm University, has been a private investor for a number of years. His experience encompasses participation in financing syndicates and advising small cap companies on strategic issues. Prior to his capacity as an investor, he was working within sales and marketing in the financial and real estate sectors.

Professor Anders Vedin 

Anders Vedin, M.D., Ph.D., Prof., is adviser to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. He previously held senior executive positions in the Astra group and led development and launch of several global block busters, served as chairman of listed and private life science companies and has been vice dean of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Prof. Vedin is currently Chairman of the Board in Cewatech AB, QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB and Integrated Research Laboratories Sweden AB. He joined Isofol Medical as acting Chief Scientific Officer in late 2011.

Lars Linzander 

Bachelor in Economics from Stockholm University, active in venture capital and business development with Alga Styrinvest AB. Has worked as auditor, financial analyst, partner and Corporate Finance Manager at Merchant Fondkommission and Matteus Fondkommission. Private Investor in real estate and smaller companies including Wineasy AB, Zitius Service Delivery AB and Centuri AB. Board Chairmen in Lucent Oil AB, PowerFX AB, and board member in Centuri AB and Chairmen in four housing associations in Sweden.

Jonas Jarvius 

Dr. Jonas Jarvius holds a PhD in molecular medicine and has many years of experience running and growing companies in the life science sector. He has worked at a senior level in several Swedish biotechnology company and developed the companies from a few employees to over 40's employees. He has experience in introducing ISO 13485 and IVD certification for the European and American market. His current main commitment is as CEO of Q-linea AB, a company that develops infection diagnostics system for rapid diagnosis of patients with sepsis.

Johan von Kantzow 

Johan von Kantzow has a Bachelor of Science from Pepperdine University, Los Angeles and a MBA from Institute Superieur de Gestion, Paris. Johan is the chairman of Hans von Kantzows Stiftelse and Berth von Kantzows Stiftelse as well as a board member of Rolf Lufts Stiftelse för Diabetesforskning. Johan is a member of the board in Power FX AB, and Lucent Oil AB.
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